Resources Newsletter November 2022

Resources and tools for you.

In this resources newsletter, we figured we would gather the most helpful resources for our distributors that we have.  Looking at all that we’ve done in the past year, we get that sometimes something can fly under the radar, which is why a collection of tools and resources as well as product information can be found below.  Included are links to our resources page, YouTube Channel, and contact forms just to name a few.

So what’s available?

Our resources page contains a range of useful information. Digital flyers, product catalogs, PDFs, and printable inspection forms can all be found in the same location. Additionally, you can find our “ask an expert” form, where you can request training and more from one of our fall protection professionals. Another big resource we don’t want anyone missing out on, are the videos we produce for training and product showcases.  If you need video resources they can be found on our YouTube channel “FrenchCreek Fall Safety“.  We’re always working to expand our library of video content and are more than happy to cover topics that relate to our products.

What if I need something you don’t have on your resources page?

So, you’ve searched our website but couldn’t find what you needed. Don’t worry we have your resources needs covered.  We offer marketing support in addition to customer service and sales support.  Just reach out to our marketing team at [email protected] with your inquiry.

The Most Recent Releases

We’ve been working hard to expand our selection of fall protection equipment.  As new products come out, we want to be sure all of our distributors know what’s available to them.  To keep this list short we’re including products from unique categories rather than expansions to existing product lines. (With one exception.)

Portable Davit System

Ok, so this one is the exception.  Since the davit system’s release, the big focus has been on new bases.  Currently, we have seven different davit bases with more on the way.  Our primary davit platform is a lightweight portable system but with our growing line of bases, it can be used in a wide range of applications. With safety and quality in mind, we’ve made sure that every one of our davit bases is built to exceed the standards of OSHA 1926.502 and ANSI 1910.66.

GR-200 Guard Rail

The GR-200 has provided many different worksites with a secure fall prevention barrier.   Fast to assemble and install this temporary system is great for jobs that require a quick and easy solution to an unprotected rooftop.  The GR-200 is intended to be used with wooden 2×4 planks and can be secured to both parapets and c-slabs ranging from 4 to 24 inches.  No matter the length of the area you need to have protected, a GR-200 system can cover it provided proper spacing between rail posts.

Ladder Anchor Post

This simple and sturdy anchor post was designed to aid in the transition from ladders to elevated platforms.  Compatible with self-retracting lifelines and both rail and cable systems the AP36 is a great add-on for improving the safety of ladders.  With a small number of parts, the AP36 is a simple anchor to set up.  The post can be positioned to the left or right, and in front or behind the ladder rungs.

Keeping up to date

If you’re looking for the latest news when it comes to FrenchCreek Fall Safety, keep an eye out for updates from our social media and emails.  We’re on both Facebook and LinkedIn with regular posts on products and events.  Watch out for our emails as well so you can get the chance to provide feedback with our surveys.