About French Creek Safety

A Leading Fall Protection Manufacturer Based in the USA

Hello to you from Jason Wible, President of FrenchCreek, and thank you for
visiting our website. When my father, Carl Wible, founded FrenchCreek in
1992, it was his passion to ensure that American Made is at the core of the
company’s growth and success in manufacturing top-quality fall-arrest and
rescue systems. Today, even though FrenchCreek has transitioned into a
much larger headquarters, the design, testing, and manufacturing operations
proudly remain in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

American made means a lot more than just a job for FrenchCreek team
members, it means many more American jobs in product delivery, packaging,
design, and engineering. In addition, American Made jobs support our local
communities and small businesses that are part of where those workers live
every day.

In addition, Made in the USA means a clean and safe environment for workers,
environmentally friendly manufacturing regulations and facilities, and a high bar
for quality standards. Safety professionals can sleep well at night knowing
they are using FrenchCreek equipment.

FrenchCreek Founders Carl Wible, Jason Wible, Frank Davison

Frenchcreek’s orginal founders Carl Wible (left) and Frank Davison (right) Current Frenchcreek President Jason Wible (center)


Right here in Franklin, PA is where development takes place. Our engineering
team is equipped with the tools to take products from concept to the workplace.
We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create 3D models for analysis. 3D
printing is also utilized for rapid prototyping and testing purposes

FrenchCreek’s ISO-accredited lab performs testing on all new products in the
development process, as well as continued compliance testing for existing
products. A few features include a fully equipped drop-test tower and two
tensile-testing machines that allow us to ensure tensile strengths of raw
materials and finished products.


Calling FrenchCreek can be refreshing, because you can talk to a live human
being! No telephone robots to navigate or endless menus. Our team of
experts can assist you with your fall safety and rescue needs.

Contact us today at 877.228.9327

Landscape Photo Of French Creek During Autumn


Located at 100 N. 13th Street in the historical town of Franklin Pennsylvania, FrenchCreek Fall Safety is settled right on the banks of our namesake, the historical waterway French Creek. Few streams in western Pennsylvania are more attractive and more biologically diverse than French Creek. This nationally renowned waterway begins in Chautauqua County, western New York, and flows for 117 miles through the northwestern Pennsylvania counties of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, and Venango until it empties into the Allegheny River at Franklin, Pennsylvania. With nine major tributaries, the watershed encompasses 1,235 square miles, over 90 percent of which are in Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and broad valleys of the Allegheny River watershed.


A historical waterway, French Creek was originally named Riviere aux Boeufs (Cattle River) by the French due to the amount of migrating bison herds that roamed the area. In 1753 a young George Washington journeyed to Fort LeBoeuf (now Waterford, Erie County PA) to warn the French that they were occupying British territory. Washington then renamed the creek appropriately to modern-day French Creek. French Creek provided early settlers with abundant natural resources, including a waterway for transportation. – Western Pennsylvania Conservancy