R-RETRO Retro-Fit U-RES-Q Pouch

Made in the USA

The U-RES-Q is available on many FrenchCreek shock absorbing lanyards. A standard shock absorbing lanyard may save you in the event of a fall, but remaining suspended is another problem entirely. The U-RES-Q should be used in conjunction with a full body harness.

  • Retro-fit U-RES-Q to any lanyard
  • Helps to reduce the harmful affects of suspension trauma
  • Available option to most lanyards


Retro-fit U-RES-Q pouch use in-line with lanyard and anchor point


  • Length16 Ft rescue ladder
  • FunctionalityUpon a fall, pack will auto-ejects 16 Ft rescue ladder
  • RescueStand in loops to remove harness tension
  • Compatible WithUse in-line with shock absorbing lanyards


  • Length16 ft rescue ladder (other lengths available)
  • Item Weight2.1 Lbs
  • Hardware MaterialZinc plated alloy steel
  • Lifeline ConstituentHigh strength nylon webbing
  • StandardsANSI Z359.1