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Certified Vs. Non-Certified Anchors

Do You Want A Certified Or Non-Certified Anchor? It seems like it would be an easy answer to an easy question. While instructing a recent fall protection training, Blaine Pettit FrenchCreek’s director of protection training, asked the question to a classroom of attendees. Despite most attendees having years of fall protection experience, they almost all […]


What Makes Zipline Harnesses Different

You didn’t think we were all work and no fun, did you? Here at FrenchCreek, we know that some of the best thrills come from up above! When you hop into one of our zipline and rope-course harnesses know that we’ve put in a lot of work to ensure that your day of adventure starts […]


Safety Stand Down 2022- Free Webinars

Looking for ideas for this year’s OSHA National Safety Stand-Down? Join us May 2-6 during one of our Stand-Down webinars. What is  Safety Stand-Down Week? OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to directly talk to employees about fall prevention and fall hazards in the workplace. Visit OSHA’s website for more details. […]



In the fall protection industry, every decision can be the difference between life and death. Here are the Five Most Common Fall Protection Mistakes and how to avoid them.


FrenchCreek Fall Protection Photo Contest

The 2022 FrenchCreek Fall Safety Photo Contest Is Back! Want to take home a winning prize of $500?  All you have to do is send us a photo or video of you with your FrenchCreek fall protection gear in action! Three winners will earn cash prizes for their submission: First Place $500.00 Second Place $300.00 […]


How To Calculate Fall Clearance Like A Pro

The Importance Of Calculating Fall Clearance Picture this: you’re twenty-five feet in the air standing on a steel beam completely exposed to the elements. The only thing keeping you safe from taking a fall is a full-body harness and properly tied-off lanyard. Good thing you were trained correctly on your fall protection system. Surely, if […]


Why Made In America Matter To Us, And Should Matter To You too!

  Your Product, When You Need It There’s a quiet panic happening in the US economy, and almost every industry is affected. Restaurants are running out of food, automotive manufacturers are running low on microchips, even medical supplies have seen supply chain issues. When you can find the product you need, the next question is […]


Find FrenchCreek Fall Safety at ASSP 2021

From Monday, September 13th to Wednesday, September 15th the American Society of Safety Professionals expo will be hosted in Austin, Texas.  FrenchCreek Fall Safety will be attending the 2021 ASSP Trade Show Conference for the duration of the event and so can you.  All you need to do is follow the link below and sign […]


ABCs Of Fall Protection & Safety Stand Down

The first week of May was OSHA’s yearly National Safety Stand Down event. This voluntary event encourages employers to speak with their employees about fall safety.  Here at FrenchCreek Fall Safety we got together and hosted three days of online webinars. Each webinar covered a key aspect of the ABCs of Fall Protection.  Our Director […]

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