Why Made In America Matter To Us, And Should Matter To You too!


FrenchCreek Worker Welding Fall Protection Equipment

Your Product, When You Need It

There’s a quiet panic happening in the US economy, and almost every industry is affected. Restaurants are running out of food, automotive manufacturers are running low on microchips, even medical supplies have seen supply chain issues. When you can find the product you need, the next question is how fast can I get it? Shortages of cardboard used for packaging and repair parts needed to keep trucks on the road can make this question feel like a snake eating its own tail. Let’s not forget the armada of shipping containers sitting in the Pacific Ocean can make you feel like you’re back in the 19th century, not in a modern fast-lane economy.

FrenchCreek has tackled this supply chain problem the same way we have for nearly 30 years by the novel idea of keeping our manufacturing in the United States. We have met the new supply chain challenges by nearly doing nothing different at all.

FrenchCreek’s President Jason Wible says, “American made means a lot more than just a job for FrenchCreek team members, it means many more American jobs in product delivery, packaging, design, and engineering. In addition, American Made jobs support our local communities and small businesses that are part of where those workers live every day.”

FrenchCreek Sewing Machine Sewing High Strength Stitch Pattern

We are not waiting on the boat

Now let’s get back to those shipping containers out in the Pacific Ocean. Many not only contain finished goods, but also steel and other raw materials used to make the products we know and need. Not only does FrenchCreek manufacture here in the United States, but we also are proud to partner with other suppliers located in the US. Several of whom are local to our Franklin Pennsylvania headquarters. This has allowed us to react quickly to any upcoming issues we may foresee, and not have to wait for the ship from China or the truck from Juarez which can set anticipated delivery dates out months.

We are proud to boast our industry-best lead times. With over 80 of our most popular products in our QuickShip inventory ready to ship the same or the next day, we have met the challenges of the supply chain shortage head-on. We implore our customers and safety professionals to buy American Made, American Supplied products. Keep your job site moving and leave the boats at sea.

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