What Makes Zipline Harnesses Different

You didn’t think we were all work and no fun, did you?

Here at FrenchCreek, we know that some of the best thrills come from up above! When you hop into one of our zipline and rope-course harnesses know that we’ve put in a lot of work to ensure that your day of adventure starts with the best equipment possible.

Industrial vs. Recreation

The biggest difference between industrial and recreation harnesses is who is wearing them. Recreational harnesses aren’t just worn by adults so we have models and sizes for thrill-seekers of all ages and heights.

When we make a harness, we build them to the specifications of whatever job they are needed for.  We’ve provided many different industries with our fall protection equipment so we have gotten pretty good at knowing who needs what.

Unlike our heavy-duty industrial harnesses, our recreational gear is much simpler.  Zipline harnesses weigh much less. Zip-liners don’t need heavy hardware or tower rigging, they just need a strong and comfortable harness, so that’s what we make them!

We love seeing our gear being used by those wanting to explore and challenge themselves.  We encourage seeing the world from different views so when we make a recreational harness there is one change we don’t make.


Every FrenchCreek Harness is built to save lives. We don’t cut corners. We never sacrifice performance, and only our best goes into our craft. Our recreational harnesses are built to meet the standards put in place by OSHA and ANSI, meaning they are made to withstand far beyond what zip lines and rope courses can dish out.

An example of a popular recreational harness is our Navigator Series.  These full-body harnesses have plenty of padding for a comfortable fit and with their pullover design, they are easy to manage and wear.  Notably, the navigator is a simple harness so getting zipliners donned is easier than an industrial-style harness.

Thanks to our ability to customize harnesses we can provide the perfect gear for any situation. From the tallest towers to the most remote of zip courses, FrenchCreek Fall Safety is here for you!