WL-10 Flexible Access Ladder

Made in the USA

FrenchCreek’s flexible access ladders are constructed of high strength webbing and 1-1/4″ round fiberglass rungs that are 12″ wide. Multiple ladders can be joined together using carabiners, or you can order a longer or custom length.

  • 10′ flexible web ladder
  • Two #354-4 carabiner


10 Ft flexible access ladder


  • WebbingFlexible web ladder
  • RungsFiberglass rungs
  • Attaches toMultiple ladders can be joined with carabiners
  • Carabiners Included2 qty 1″ gate steel twist-lock carabiners


  • Length10 Ft length, available in additional lenghts ex: WL-50 (50 Ft ladder, WL-100 (100 Ft ladder)
  • Item Weight9.9 Lbs
  • Hardware MaterialZinc plated alloy steel
  • Lifeline ConstituentHigh strength webbing and 1-1/4″ fiberglass rungs