USTEP Suspension Trauma Straps

Made in the USA

The U-Step is to be used in conjunction with a full body harness and a complete fall prevention/rescue program. It can be attached to most harness sizes, styles and brands. This accessory can stop the deadly effects of suspension trauma.

  • 2 lightweight “packs” easily attach to harness
  • Upon a fall, the worker can deploy the webbing from packs
  • Worker connects the locking claps to for a loop
  • Worker can stand in the leg loop to eliminate suspension trauma


Self deployed suspension trauma straps


  • FunctionalitySelf deployed web packs connect to allow fallen worker to stand
  • RescueRelieves harness tension and the effects of suspension trauma
  • Compatible WithAttachable to most harness sizes, styles, and brands


  • Item Weight.25 Lbs
  • Webbing MaterialHigh strength synthetic webbing