R100T Self Retracting Lifeline

Made in the USA

This unit is a Self Retracting Lifeline, capable of raising and lowering for rescue and retrieval. Upon a fall, the system can be activated into winch mode, for raising and lowering the worker to safety.


Standard features:

  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum housing
  • Dual internal inertia braking system
  • Includes pulley & carabiner
  • Load indicating snaphook
  • Three lifeline constituents available: galvanized steel, stainless steel, Technora® synthetic rope


100 FT Self Retracting Lifeline with raise/lower rescue capability, Technora Synthetic Rope, Cast Aluminum Housing, with carabiner, pulley, and load indicating snap hook


  • Lifeline Length & Material100 FT Technora synthetic rope
  • Housing MaterialRugged cast aluminum
  • Lifeline ConnectorLoad indicating self locking swivel snap hook
  • Housing ConnectorSteel Bracket
  • Shock Absorber TypeInternal Energy Absorption System
  • Anchor PointNon-Swiveling Anchor Point
  • Impact IndicatorVisual Impact Indicator


  • Length8 FT
  • Weight Capacity310 lbs.
  • Lifeline ConstituentTechnora Synthetic Rope
  • housingCast Aluminum
  • Internal ComponentsAluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel Components components