RPR-25 Rescue Prompt Rescue Kit

Made in the USA

Time is of the essence in any emergency situation. In an ideal situation, a trained, qualified co-worker can immediately assist another worker in the event of a fall. This system allows a capable worker to attach a raising/lowering system to the fallen worker’s D-ring, providing a means for rescue.

RPR kits include:

  • RPCC-12 rescue pole assembly with bag
  • 99B- 25′ System 99 raising/lowering system


25 Ft remote prompt rescue kit


  • Kit IncludesAll rescue components to attach & raise a fallen worker
  • Rescue PoleRPCC-12 rescue pole assembly and bag
  • Raising/Lowering system99B- 25′ system 99 raising/lowering system


  • Length25 Ft length, available in additional lengths ex: RPR-50: (50 Ft rescue kit)
  • Item Weight20 Lbs
  • Hardware MaterialHigh strength stainless steel, and zinc plated alloy steel
  • Lifeline ConstituentSynthetic kernmantle rope