99B-50 Self-Raising/Lowering System

Made in the USA

FrenchCreek’s System 99 is a versatile lifting and lowering system that can be used for utility/work systems or for rescue & recovery. The lightweight, compact universal system can be set up in seconds and performs a variety of functions.

  • Mechanical advantage of 3:1
  • Operable by one person
  • Can be used to rescue an incapacitated worker
  • Lightweight design


50 Ft System 99 self-raising/lowering system


  • Lifting/Lowering SystemTo be used for utility/work systems for rescue & recovery
  • InstallationLightweight compact universal system, easy setup
  • Mechanical Advantage3:1 makes the system easily operated by one person
  • RescueA top side worker can use system to rescue a fallen worker


  • Length50 Ft length, available in additional lenghts ex: 99B-100 (100 Ft system), 99B-200 (200 Ft system)
  • Item Weight23 Lbs
  • Hardware MaterialHigh strength stainless steel, and zinc plated alloy steel
  • Lifeline ConstituentSynthetic kernmantle rope