354-CLIP Rescue Clip

Made in the USA

Weighing less than 2 ounces, this durable clip is constructed from stainless spring steel, ensuring longevity. The versatile design allows for easy connection to anchors, ropes, or harness D-rings. To use, simply affix it to any standard extension pole and insert a carabiner into the Rescue Clip, which will effectively keep it open.

  • Crafted with an innovative design, the Rescue Clip 354-CLIP securely holds almost any rescue carabiner in the open position for convenient attachment to an anchor.
  • Fits most carabiner types
  • FrenchCreek recommends 354-2z and 354-4 carabiners
  • Included in the RPCC-12 Kit

Compatible with FrenchCreek’s RPCC-12 Rescue Pole, or any standard painter’s extension pole (not included).



Rescue clip for extension pole fits most carabiner types. Compatible with FrenchCreek RPCC-12 rescue pole, Or any standard painter’s extension pole (not included).


  • FunctionalityAnchors, Ropes, or Harness D-rings.
  • Compatible WithRPPC-12 Rescue Pole or Standard Painter’s Extension Pole
  • RescueAttach a tagline to fallen worker’s dorsal D-ring for rescue


  • Item Weight1.75 Oz.
  • Hardware MaterialStainless Steel