Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Requirements, Ladder Safety

Personal fall protection systems are now required on any fixed ladder 24′ or taller for new ladders installed after November 19, 2018.

Per OSHA 1910.128(b)(9)(i):

  1. For caged, fixed ladders erected before November 19, 2018, employers have up to 20 years to install ladder safety or personal fall arrest systems (1910.2(b)(9)(i)(A))
  2. For new fixed ladders erected on or after November 19, 2019, the employer must equip the ladder with ladder safety or personal fall arrest system (1910.28(b)(9)(i)(B))
  3. For ladder repairs and replacements, when an employer replaces any portion of a fixed ladder, the replacement must be equipped with a ladder safety

After November 18, 2036, all fixed ladders must be equipped with ladder safety or personal fall arrest system (1910.28(b)(9)(i)(D))

Please note, that this new regulation does not require the removal of ladder cages before the final deadline in 2036. However, after the phase-out period is over, all ladders must be compliant with this new regulation to avoid an OSHA violation.

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