ABCs Of Fall Protection & Safety Stand Down

The first week of May was OSHA’s yearly National Safety Stand Down event. This voluntary event encourages employers to speak with their employees about fall safety.  Here at FrenchCreek Fall Safety we got together and hosted three days of online webinars. Each webinar covered a key aspect of the ABCs of Fall Protection.  Our Director of Fall Protection Training, Blaine Pettit walked the attendees through fall protection 101 in 45-minute-long crash courses.  These courses covered the main topics of anchorage, body wear, and connectors, along with an introductory segment on fall rescue.

The last day of the webinar event was a special course on ladder safety and preparing for the upcoming changes to ladder safety standards.  This webinar broke down what qualifies as proper fall protection for ladders and explained different types of fixed climbing systems.  With how well the webinar series went we gathered up all the best parts into an ABCs of Fall Protection Video. Our Safety Stand Down week may be over but the webinar will be available on our YouTube Channel for anyone to see. Furthermore we are looking forward to rolling out similar content in the near future!

Curious About Fall Protection Training?

We provide a variety of fall protection courses from 4-hour introductions to 24-hour deep dive classes. These classes are key to spreading fall safety education and some can be even done online. Classes range from equipment inspection and confined space training to custom classes made to suit your needs. Visit our training page to see what fall protection courses are available. 

Want more product information?

In addition to the video, ABCs of Fall Safety, our YouTube channel also has product highlights. These highlights provide a full view of our products and key details about them. A link to the main playlist can be found HERE. Watch out for new videos as we further expand our YouTube content!