30 Years Of FrenchCreek Fall Safety

This week we are celebrating 30 years of FrenchCreek Fall Safety!

On Thursday, December 15th, our company president Jason Wible was presented with an award from the Manufacturer & Business Association by Chris Peterson to commemorate the 30th Anniversary here at FrenchCreek Fall Safety.

A lot has happened at FrenchCreek Fall Safety since our beginnings in 1992. From location and branding changes to advances in equipment and manufacturing technologies, we’ve shown that the spirit of small-town Pennsylvania has what it takes to become a trusted name in fall protection nationwide.

With a humble start in a small niche of the fall protection industry, FrenchCreek has grown to provide hundreds of unique products to nearly every facet of the fall protection industry. Now we offer an extensive range of safety equipment to every corner of the United States, and to more than just the construction industry.  We have always been proud of our role as an American-made company, built from the ground up as a family-owned business. For 30 years we’ve pushed our products past what’s required to make something that’s desired.

We’ve worked hard to provide dependable safety equipment that exceeds expectations and conventional standards. As we continue to proceed forward, we can only expect to further improve on what we’ve accomplished these last three decades and aim to be the best name in fall protection.

FrenchCreek President Jason Wible Receiving 30th Anniversary Award
FrenchCreek Fall Safety president Jason Wible receiving the Manufacturer & Business Associations 30th Anniversary Award